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Foreword has been a trusted voice in publishing for more than twenty years. Now, with a carefully assembled team of trained editors, we want to put that experience to work for you and your manuscript. With years of book industry experience, our editors can help ensure your book is of the highest quality possible before you approach agents or publishers, or publish the work on your own.

Developmental Editing Copy Editing
Turnaround Time1 21 days 14 days 14 days 7 days
Grammar and Punctuation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spelling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Common Linguistic Errors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plot Continuity Yes Yes No No
Pacing and Tension Yes Yes No No
Narrative Style Yes Yes No No
Editor's Overall Comments Yes Yes Yes Yes
$2800.00 $4200.00 $1400.00 $2100.00
More Information
More Information
1. Longer manuscripts may require additional time. An estimate will be provided to you at time of purchase, if your manuscript is extra lengthy.
2. Calculation of cost for custom word counts is for your convenience only. Final cost is subject to our verification.