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Developmental Editing

Why get a Developmental Edit?

A professional editor is an indispensable resource for any author seeking to publish, but difficult to find outside of larger publishing houses. Foreword’s editorial services seek to bridge that gap, offering quality developmental editing to anyone looking to put their best book forward. Our team is made up of industry professionals with combined decades of experience. We know what agents, publishers, and readers are expecting, and can help increase your chances of success with a comprehensive look at all aspects of your manuscript, including…

Plot Continuity

Our editors will make sure your plot flows smoothly, checking for holes and assuring consistency in characters, setting, dialogue, and much more.

Pacing and Tension

You know where the story is going, so it’s hard for you to tell how efficiently it’s getting there. The team at Foreword will make sure your readers are hanging on to every word.

Narrative Style and Organization

A consistent voice and tone is important in crafting an immersive experience for the reader. We will smooth out any bumps, creating a seamless reading experience.

Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

The smaller the mistake, the easier it is to miss. Let the trained team at Foreword wield that fine-toothed comb for you.

Common Linguistic Errors

You can put lay vs. lie out of your mind for good with a developmental edit from Foreword. We’ll take care of everything from the wrong “they’re” to “baited breath.”

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What to Expect

Our developmental editing process provides a comprehensive look at your manuscript while being considerate of your time. Here is what the process will look like for you:

  1. Submit your full manuscript (.doc and .docx files accepted), title of manuscript, estimated word count, and any additional comments to our editorial department via the online order form.
  2. Upon receiving your manuscript, we will confirm the word count. If the provided word count is over, we'll automatically refund your card. If it is under, we'll reach out to verify the count and additional amount to charge your card.
  3. Once we receive your full payment, we will get to work on your manuscript. Within the agreed upon time frame, we will return the edited draft complete with track changes and summary comments to you via email.

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Chapter Preview

Still unsure about submitting your manuscript for developmental editing? Get a preview! For only $119, send a chapter of your manuscript (not to exceed 4000 words) to with the title of your manuscript as the subject, and it will be edited and returned to you within ten days of full payment. After reviewing our edits, you can decide whether to go ahead with the full manuscript edit, or cancel the project. If you choose to submit your full manuscript, the chapter preview fee will be applied to the total project cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a developmental edit change my story?
Our editorial team is dedicated to helping you improve the manuscript you already have, not turning it into something else. All of our edits are made using track-change features, allowing you to review each correction individually and determine if you wish to accept or reject the edit. We will never alter your manuscript outside of these features.
I know this story better than anyone. Why can’t I edit it myself?
Even the most skilled authors seek out a fresh pair of eyes. Our team of editors work in the publishing industry, providing them with an inside understanding of what agents, publishers, and readers look for in a polished, professional manuscript. You’ve already done the hard work of completing your manuscript—let us take it to the finish line.
Will the editor fact-check my manuscript?
Our editors will perform a general fact-check to confirm things such as the spellings of common names and places, historical dates and references, brand names, etc.
Will editing make my book perfect?
Even titles that grace the New York Times Best Seller list are not devoid of mistakes, but our team of editors will use the skills and knowledge they have gained over years of professional experience to remove the vast majority of errors from your manuscript.
What can I submit for developmental editing?
At this time, Foreword Editorial Services is accepting literary nonfiction and all genres of fiction, with the exclusion of poetry. To avoid giving legitimacy to books encouraging violence, hate speech, etc., we do reserve the right to refuse manuscripts on these grounds. If you have a question about whether your manuscript meets our requirements, feel free to contact us at

For additional assistance, please contact us by phone at 231.933.3699 or by email at

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