Foreword Reviews

COVID-19 Trade Show Update

For 22 years, trade shows were a way to help our publishing clients improve their exposure and branding via Foreword’s collective stands. Due to the global pandemic, we have unfortunately been unable to continue this service. Participation in future events will be noted here as the story unfolds.

One Page Sell Sheets (also known as Tip Sheets)

After years of receiving review submissions from thousands of publishers, we can often tell what book will be worth reviewing by the peripheral materials provided by the author/publisher. A less-than-professional presentation makes it very easy for a review editor or anyone in the media to quickly move on to another submission. In addition, foreign rights agents won't take a potential project seriously unless an articulate sales piece arrives via email prior to previewing your book.

Our award-winning designer has created three templates based on your title's primary sales handle: subject matter, author expertise, art/photography, positive reviews, etc. We have a step-by-step process that will assist you in producing a professional, interactive sales sheet in no time. The price is $199. See examples.

Purchase a Sell Sheet