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To simply put it, we love to discover great books that others haven't. And once they've won our hearts, we want to make sure everyone else can share the love. We want to help readers find the indie books that are just too damn good to put down. So if you've crafted a great story, let us help you connect it with audiences around the world.

Get Your Book Reviewed

You have an indie book. We have several dozen talented reviewers. Let's just make it happen. Foreword offers honest, credible reviews of indie books, and we've been doing it for over 20 years.

If you're about to publish a new indie book, send us a review copy and we'll consider reviewing it alongside the rest of the best new indie books in our bi-monthly magazine, Foreword Reviews.

If your book doesn't earn a review in Foreword, or is past its pub date, you can still get it reviewed and star-rated in Clarion, our fee-for-review service using Foreword reviewers.

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Win a Book Award

You've crafted something fabulous, and now it's time to turn more heads, earn more credibility, and intertwine your stories with the heartstrings of readers.

The Foreword INDIES are here for you. More than a shiny little sticker for the cover of your book, our prestigious awards program annually honors great indie literature with 150+ winners in 55 categories. Along with cash prizes and super recognition amongst librarians and booksellers, Foreword INDIES further help connect your book to readers excited to discover what's fabulous.

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We know you want to reach an audience of book lovers, booksellers, and librarians—the exact circulation base of Foreword Reviews. So instead of having your book sit there waiting for readers to find it by chance, why not take it straight to them?

We have advertising opportunities in all the right places, which easily allow you to reach the perfect audience.

Between our bi-monthly print magazine, our website, our weekly emails, and our social media campaigns, Foreword Reviews will connect you to lovers of great indie books.

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Gain Exposure at Trade Shows

Whether you're an indie author or an indie publisher, your book may be of great interest to readers overseas. Which is why many foreign publishers eagerly buy the rights to books published in the United States, in order to translate and republish them in their home country. These foreign rights deals can be highly profitable for US publishers, with very little effort. Of course, there is the added benefit that new readers around the world can get lost in your book.

A major presence at foreign rights fairs, Foreword makes it easy—we are your indie book concierge to the world. We'll help you sell the rights to your books at every major book show in the world—from ALA to Frankfurt, Bologna, and more.

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